by Matt Reid & Friends

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released December 13, 2008

Matt Reid: vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel, theremin
Dean Gallant: guitar, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel
Kristina Parlee: bass
Luke Goguen: drums

(additional players noted on individual tracks)

Recorded March-October 2008 by Charles Austin & Dave Ewensen at Echo Chamber Audio in Halifax. Additional tracking and overdubs by Robert Corrigan at Sound Market, Stephan MacLeod at NSCC, Rich Aucoin, Rod Affleck & Matt Reid.

Mixed by Charles, Dave & Matt at Echo Chamber.
Mastered by Ron Bates in Dartmouth.

Album artwork & layout by Matt.
Screenprinting by YoRodeo!



all rights reserved


Matt Reid Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Well, Fuck
Your pretty eyes lost all their charm the minute I found out
Your poor decision, lack of reason left a bad taste in my mouth
My friend was more than generous but there's a line you crossed
Do you know how lucky you were? Do you know how much you've lost?

Someone I thought I knew has gone and hurt someone I love
Do I confront them, talk behind their backs or maybe rise above?
I'm staying neutral as it's likely I'll run into you again
How can I separate your actions from the qualities within?

I seek no poetry in pain, need no more reason to cry
I see no justice in a world that shits on such a decent guy
Wish I could stitch together shattered hearts, but what more can I do?
I'll stay beside my friends and I'll cross the street when I see you
Track Name: Letters
I lie awake and think of you
For fifteen years it goes in circles
Will I rest well when I've worked it through?
I dedicate my world to you
But only in a half-assed fashion
Everything's on hold except for you

And I would quit my job for you
Leave this town and start all over
There is almost nothing I won't do
I'll start another fight for you
The good you make I take for granted
Pretend I never turned my back on you

And through the wilderness with you
Weeks and miles and terrible food
Keep it up until you get your due
Eleven bridges burned for you
Make me sick to make you happy
And who know when I'll work with someone new?


You and your friends bring out the dancers
My letters to you went unanswered
The ideas in my head gave way to forwarded jokes
If I change my ways can I be seen with you?

Your door's not difficult to walk through
Some of the best artists seem the hardest to talk to
Your personality can get you further than skill
If you separate your actions from distraction

Some people crave too much attention
Others are indifferent to suggestion
Did I throw in the towel, did I shoot myself in the foot?
And who knows when I'll work with someone new?

I devote my life to you
But only in a half-assed fashion
Track Name: Wayward Friend
Before time could erase you
I wanted to embrace you
Your defense mechanisms
are pushing me away

Exaggerate your problems
It's hard to see them there
You solve your own damn problems
And act like you don't care

Fuck the group dynamic
I'm trying to find my backbone
I loved you all to pieces
but it's not my only friendship
Track Name: Blink
You set up camp, I tag along
In retrospect what little that we had was gone
Making out, not making sense
Too laid back, too intense
Nobody came to our defense

The sun goes down, the gravel and some shrubs remain
I stick around oblivious to any pain
Hours pass until we wake, I wander aimless to the lake
You tell me that you needed space
Years later, thought I saw your face

Blink and you’ll miss me
Move away, dye your hair and forgive me
One more disappointing self-absorbed young man

I take it back - the words I said, the time, the kiss
And mama said there’d be days like this (there’d) be days like this
Breaking up a little late
Waking up to my mistake
I never learn from my mistakes

How to respect you
as I write a book on how to forget you
Track Name: Finger on the Pulse
Nothing escapes me
You don’t believe me
I wouldn’t blame you
I barely believe in myself
How I remember endless potential
We kept our calendars full and prepared to take over the world

Fourth year, second semester
Things seemed to be going so well when I left her

Would you accept me
Would you respect me
If I was more angry
If I was still twenty-three
I still remember the endless potential
I’ll keep my calendar full and prepare to take over the world

Handbill in my left, staple gun in the right
Got to reach out and touch somebody tonight

Well I’ve forgotten your name
I think our goals are the same
We want to entertain and be heard
But if the message is strained because your voice is untrained
Well, baby, change that key and then maybe more passion will be your reward

It’s not enough that I impress myself
I need some stranger on board as well
Your friends might be feeling it but I can’t tell
I need some magazines approval as well
Track Name: Reunion
We should get together soon and play
I intend to call you yesterday
Later on became a year or three
I like to think that you've forgiven me
We deserve better than guilt

Where I draw a line is hard to say
To little to go to big to stay
After a vacation in the smoke
Why is it my will to sing is broke?
Sorry that I slipped away
Tell my why I always sneak away

No more need to feel so strange or sad
Don't know until it's gone just what you had
You gave a lot more than your time to me
Perfectionism made that hard to see
Track Name: Bills and Basements
A car and a driver’s license
Help carry a borrowed keyboard home
From legion hall to the west end the music felt about right
When I hear George Michael I think of you
sweeping and dancing ‘til quarter to
Don’t be a stranger you told me - how I didn’t!

Spring was promising, summer was hard
Surprise visits to a dead-end job
You ray of sunshine, I had to tell you in the car

You took meto Lucie, I took you to Derby
Canoeing was challenging, the Chevin was lovely
I’ll see you with thousands of fans in January
Bills and Basements won’t keep us down
At home with Hugh Laurie or painting the town
Writing the songs that make the kids put their fist in the air

And when you take me by the hand
I’ll stop being jealous of your band
You kick ass and you keep your man on task

You’re more than a drivers license
to carry their sorry asses around
To take you for granted is a crime against nature.
Track Name: The Process
I’ve had an eye on you, I’ve been a friend, I’ve even loved you
I’ve held you in my arms, I’ve asked too much. I’ve done you wrong
We like to think we’ve learned and lived a thrilling work of fiction
Put two and two together. Ink to paper, word to song

I hope you won’t misunderstand me
I get creative with exaggeration
We’re only given so much time
If you identify my work is more than done

I dwell an awful lot on things your mom might find depressing
I dig a hole so deep you think I’d reach the other end
While it refreshes me it hardly justifies my actions
I’d like to think that someone else will learn from my mistakes

Although my heart is on my sleeve
I fear publicity is not my strong point
And I won’t blame you if you leave
It’s not the kind of song that everyone enjoys

Put out the cigarette and dance
Just put the bottle down and dance

Some medicate themselves, I find it makes their vision blurry
but this is just my path, I trust that you will take your own
I’ve got an axe to grind, I also have a sense of humourI offer
you my heart expecting nothing in return

Try not to let TV impair your own imagination
A breath of air, a glimpse of sky is often all I need
I often take a bus and walk beyond the city limits
Some days when I’m alone is the only time I feel at ease
Track Name: Passe
pouvons nous surmonter
notre obsession sans objet
avec les sons et la technologie
de la génération passée?

Hang on Melody
Last time I saw you, 2003
They buried you between the somewhat new
and somewhat unfamiliar to me
Could have been contenders
I suppose that’s how it goes
Spend enough on choreography
and not enough on clothes

Dust filled analog
The years between us measured in fog
You chose and trace until you find your place
There’s no predicting a shift in the cogs
And some of your words spoke to me I wanted to hear more
but I couldn’t find your demo tape in any store and I remain unsure

Late June love affair
The potentional was thin as air
I left the voicemail on but I was slow to respond
The summer’s gone, you’ve moved on who knows where
And I might not be so keen on this new one that you’re seeing
and a mutual accquaintance might have set my friend’s heart breaking
and the words I said just might be misinterpreted as spite
but if your work is universal maybe I’ll rehearse
another chance on you

You pick your battles before you hit the stage
Oh, how the mighty have fallen with age
You tell your father who won’t understand
just why you think they’re a fucking good band
You tell your mama, she won’t have a clue
But then again maybe neither will you
If what you cherished in your formative years
is the only thing remaining pleasing to your ears
Track Name: Cheap Shots at Easy Targets
Well the atmosphere is poisonous when you're not face to face
Making others look ridiculous becomes a silly race
Go out and get some exercise
And things will work out fine
And I pray someday you'll meet somebody
you haven't met online
Track Name: Belle
You got married on a Saturday
Due back to work the mine Monday
Rained too much to make Halifax
You took photos in Victoria Park
He held a deer within his sights
Your quiet sobbing from behind
Oh Husband, put the gun away
He never went hunting again

For over ninety years or more
and not one enemy I’m sure
And everybody wants a piece
of about the only angel I’ve known

Potatoes hidden in the ground
and candy bars in dressers found
‘I wish it could be one hundred’
you said as you slipped me a twenty

I walked with you down hollow road
and what we talked about I no longer know
The best photograph I captured of you
at the expense of paying attention

What took the pain away from you
It made me unsure what to do
Sang to you in the hospital room
‘Please don’t take my sunshine away’

Your husband, he is doing well
Four years have past, it hurts like hell
He’ll walk the mountain another time
and you’ll play a game of cards when he returns
He’ll hold you in his arms when he returns
Track Name: Reason
I don’t Believe I’ve told you
Without your visits don’t know where I might have been
Three hour drive for no particular good reason
A picture of a changing season

Saw you standing on the sidewalk, staring into space
A pensive look upon your weatherbeaten face
A weary look upon your face

Your highest expectations let you argue with yourself
I’d like to see somebody try and chip away that shell
You spread yourself a little
Enthusiasm beyond reason
You cross a line it comes a-tumbling at your feet
I found you standing in the street

In need of some attention
you rang my place but got no answer
Your choice of words betray some trouble back at home
and yet you don’t pick up the phone
Why people let you down again is difficult to say
The things you do to reach them might be pushing them away

And I think I’ve been where you’ve been
I left the city when things didn’t go my way
Cut off all my hair and cut off all my ties
and told myself comforting lies

The triumphs and the tragedies seem even in my dreams
The sweater from September comes apart at all the seams
You’ve made your own decision
Can’t help but feel it’s not my place to interfere
I send a line to you and wait another year
It’s not my place to interfere
You need me, I will still be here

Hold on, do I still owe you one?